Information on Team Fundraisers

We're asked often to participate in fundraisers and have collaborated on a number of them.   Below is all the information you need to partner in a team organized fundraiser with us.

First off, we will set the prices you'll sell the ornament for.   They are discounted from our standard prices as an incentive to your customers to order their ornaments via your fundraising efforts.   And for each ornament sold, you will retain $5.00 to go toward your campaign.

We will set up a Google Doc that you and other organizers can access.   It will have all the information collected that we will need to make your orders as well as providing you with stats on your progress.

In an effort simplify, we will limit the number of ornaments you are offering to seven ornaments (see the gallery link in the paragraph below).  However, the personalized sports ornament, we do recognize that siblings will be in other sports and you will be asked for more sports options than the particular sport in which you are raising money for.   We do have 25 different sport ornaments available, both in male and female options.   We've been asked a lot...yes, these 25 variations are included in the 7 ornaments.

We've created an order form in PDF format for you to print out for your team and have created an online gallery so your customers can see the ornaments in full colour, along with more information about each of them.   It is at  This link is perfect to post to your teams' social media and give your followers a great opportunity to view all the ornaments.

We'll ask that you update the online spreadsheet often, so that we don't get overwhelmed with all your orders at the end of your campaign.   Instead, so we can properly prepare start production, please update the spreadsheet throughout the selling period.

Please allow for two weeks after the end of your campaign for your ornaments to be ready for pickup.  If you need the ornaments shipped to you, we'll apply the Canada Post shipping rate that we are charged.

We can't participate in every fundraising request as we get very busy and can only take on so much each month.  And in an effort to give those participating teams an opportunity to raise as much as possible, we will not approve multiple groups from the same organization to sell ornaments.

Payment for the ornaments is to be made by one person instead of by individual customers and is due to us on the last day of the campaign.  Payment is to be made via eTransfer.  

So, if you are interested in setting up a fundraiser for your group or team, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Below is an example of the order form we'll create for you!






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