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Gabs and Eddy

In-Stock 3-10 Year The 'Everyday' Messy Bun Hat in Barley

In-Stock 3-10 Year The 'Everyday' Messy Bun Hat in Barley

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The Messy Bun Hat is latest style of crochet hat to be flooding everyones Pinterest Boards. I LOVE these hats! I have great intentions to take the time to actually do my hair each morning, but I pretty much always end up with a Messy Bun or Pony Tail. Now I don't have to worry about taking it down when I need to go out in the cold.

Our 'Everyday Messy Bun' Hat features a great waffle pattern and ribbed edging making it super comfy and warm. All of our Messy Bun Hats have a large hole in the top that allows you to pull through either a bun or a ponytail so that you can stay warm without taking your hair down to put on a hat.

Materials: 100% acrylic yarn

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

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